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October 27, 2020, 08:00 PM

Plenary Session 3: Electric Mobility & Green Vehicle Initiatives in a Post-COVID World

A session by Adam Gromis, Timothy Lipman, Tegan Molloy, Kelly Blynn, Adrian Gomez and Prachi Vakharia
Uber, UC Berkeley Transp. Sustainability Research Center, Forth, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Green Light Labs & WOMANIUM

Speaker expertise

Adam is Uber’s global lead on sustainability and environmental impact within the Policy & Communications team, based out of San Francisco.

COVID-19 Model Electric Mobility & Green Vehicle Initiatives in a Post-COVID World

An overview of global approaches to electrification and other alternative fuel sources and infrastructure policy initiatives will focus on the bus, micro-transit, taxi, and other for-hire industry segments and will reveal the latest in best practices and the state of the industry. Post-pandemic, as concerns are raised about increased usage of private automobiles, both challenges and opportunities presented with respect to electrification and its impact on short-term and long-term mobility will be explored. The development of new business models, possible public-private partnerships in the EV arena for increased use of rental vehicles, car sharing, and integration into taxi, for-hire and EV fleets will be discussed. Global concerns on infrastructure, grid impacts and the future of connected and autonomous electric vehicles will be addressed.

Moderator: Prachi Vakharia, WOMANIUM

Panelists: Adam Gromis, Uber Timothy Lipman, Transportation Sustainability Research Center at UC Berkeley Tegan Molloy, Forth Kelly Blynn, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Adrian Gomez, Green Light Labs

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