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October 27, 2020, 01:00 PM

Opening Keynote & Plenary Session 1: Global Spotlight – Regulator Star Trek 3.0

A session by Helen Chapman, Matthew W. Daus Esq., Sergio Martinez, H.E. Dagmawit Moges, Carlton Thomas, Anthony Wing, Hon. Yousif Mohammed Alali and Brook Taye
Transport for London, IATR, Secretariat of Mobility of Bogota, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Airport Landside Operations Manager, Point to Point Transport, Roads and Transport Authority & Ministry of Finance of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Speaker expertise

Helen is the Director of Licensing, Regulation and Charging at Transport for London, a role which brings together TfL’s Road User Charging authority and taxi and private hire regulator into one, dynamic directorate to tackle some of London’s most pressing and politically complex air quality, technology, safety and regulatory challenges.

9:00am - 9:30am EST | Opening Keynote Speech H. E. Dagmawit Moges, Minister of Transport of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

9:30am - 11:00am EST | Plenary Session 1: Global Spotlight – Regulator Star Trek 3.0

The IATR has, for the past two years, held a Regulatory Star Trek session to introduce new and innovative regulators with differing approaches. The originally scheduled Next Generation 3.0 version has expanded this year to cover every continent's regulators during this session. A varied number of topics will be covered, including how sustainability, accessibility, technology, equity, and other projects and initiatives are faring with respect to the pandemic. Some projects may have slowed down and others sped-up as a result of shifting transportation policy priorities. This panel of regulators will talk about how their current and future plans and issues are facing and what is in store for the short-term and long-term.

Moderator: Carlton Thomas, IATR Board Chair (City of Austin - Austin-Bergstrom Intl. Airport )

Panelists: • Helen Chapman, Transport for London • Anthony Wing, Point to Point Transport Commission (New South Wales, Australia) • Sergio Martinez, Undersecretary of Mobility Policy, Bogotá (Columbia) • Hon. Yousif Mohammed Alali, Road and Transport Authority (RTA Dubai)

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