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October 28, 2020, 07:00 PM

Plenary Session 5b: AB 5 & Prop 22 – The End of TNCs... Or, A New Beginning?

A session by Will Coleman, Matthew W. Daus Esq., Harry Campbell, Ira Goldstein and Brendan Sexton
Alto, IATR, The Rideshare Guy, New York Black Car Fund (NYBCF) & Independent Drivers Guild

AB 5 & Prop 22 – The End of TNCs... Or, A New Beginning?

The passage of AB 5, a progressive law in California that changes the worker classification dynamic for ground transportation drivers from independent contractors to employees, will have a profound impact on the taxicab, limousine, Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), and other related industries. Proposition 22, a referendum in the State of California, which would exempt TNCs from AB 5, is on the ballot for voters on November 3, 2020. The future of the industry as we know it, and the regulatory paradigm, is on the line, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has created a perfect storm of issues for already struggling transportation companies and drivers. Meanwhile, up until the pandemic started, New York State was following California's lead with fast-tracked legislation intending to replicate and/or modify AB5 on the east coast. Other states and cities are watching closely and some are contemplating different approaches, including, for example, the possibility of the City of Seattle replicating New York City’s local laws requiring higher wages for High Volume App drivers. IATR's expert panel will address and debate the impending events from a variety of standpoints, including the perspectives of drivers, incumbent industries, the emergence of new players competing in the TNC arena, as well as driver benefits and workers' compensation implications.

Moderator: Matthew W. Daus, Esq., IATR President

Panelists: • Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy • Will Coleman, Alto • Ira Goldstein, New York Black Car Fund (NYBCF) • Brendan Sexton, Independent Drivers Guild

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