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Camille Kamga

Camille Kamga

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Dr. Camille Kamga is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the City College of New York. He has been the Director of the Region 2 – University Transportation Research Center (UTRC) since 2009 and the Associate Director of the CUNY Institute for Urban Systems (CIUS) since 2002. A consortium of 19 major U.S. academic institutions, UTRC asserts a significant role in the region and nationally, conducting research and projects on surface transportation, carrying out training and educational programs and actively disseminating the results of its work. It is one of the few such Centers in the U.S. federally designated since 1987. Dr. Kamga has chaired many sessions at national, as well as international conferences. Since 2010, he has continued to serve in a leadership capacity as member of the Board of Directors of the Intelligent Transportation Society of New York (ITS-NY) - a professional group providing education and outreach to foster the understanding of ITS applications and technologies. He chairs the education committee of the society. He is member of the TRB Standing Committee on Urban Transportation Data and Information Systems (ABJ30) and member of the TRB Travel Time, Speed, and Reliability Subcommittee [ABJ30(3)]. He also serves in many other professional organizations and committees. Dr. Kamga’s research interests include: intelligent transportation system; modeling and traffic simulation; analysis of very large transportation networks; use of real-time information for travel; transportation modeling using mobile sensors; transportation planning and policy, transportation operations; sustainability and environment; and transportation safety. He is leading UTRC in innovative research, education, and technology transfer programs; addressing issues of urban mobility and sustainability; as well as concepts and technologies related to Big Data applications to transportation and traffic engineering. Since 2012, Dr. Kamga has spearheaded an annual symposium of connected and Autonomous Vehicles in Federal Region 2.

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